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Stella's college studies had a special emphasis on gender and sexuality and these remain issues close to her heart. Stella believes love comes in many forms and hopes to celebrate that with her writing. That's why you'll find all genders, identities, and sexualities in her work.



With a glass of freshly poured wine in hand, Zoe grabbed her laptop from where it had been abandoned on the coffee table. When she opened it, she saw the picture they’d looked at the night before. Even sober, the people in the picture were especially pretty. Her eyes fell once more on the man Daphne had been so excited about. He wasn’t really Zoe’s type, but it was probably time she developed a new type. There was no guarantee he’d be on the trip she took, but for one night at least it didn’t hurt to dream.
Zoe took her glass of wine into her bedroom to get ready for bed. She undressed, leaving her clothes on the dresser while eyeing her shopping bag from that day. The bathing suit she’d gotten was fairly conservative by western standards but it looked good on her. The simple black suit made the most of Zoe’s pale skin and the cut of the waist gave her more of an hourglass than she usually had.
Zoe imagined herself stepping out of a pool, dripping wet, with the man from the picture watching her. Would his eyes fall to the way the suit accentuated the curve of her breast, or would he be more of a legs and ass man? Zoe’s nipples hardened under the imagined scrutiny. She could almost feel the chill from the pool water evaporating from her skin, before the sun could dry and warm her. Zoe’s body felt alive in a way it hadn’t for months, just the thought of breaking out of her routine was enough to make her feel exhilarated.
As she finished undressing, Zoe pulled a satin night-shirt over her head. The feel of the soft fabric against her already hard nipples gave her a shudder and she sighed. Even sliding under the covers made her nerves light up with sensation.
Zoe grabbed her wine glass from the nightstand and took another sip. She let the wine sit in her mouth a moment before swallowing, savoring the taste. When she set the wine back down she eyed the drawer in her nightstand. She hadn’t opened that drawer for a while ...
Zoe emptied the rest of the wine into her mouth and opened the drawer. In it sat her favorite purple vibrator; the only toy she liked enough to give bedside status. Others were relegated to a box at the bottom of her closet.
With the vibrator clutched tightly, Zoe slid her hand under the covers and between her legs. She turned the vibrator to its lowest setting and closed her eyes, letting the sensation wash over her. She let her mind drift back to her fantasy of the handsome man by the pool. Maybe he’d be waiting for her with a towel, maybe he’d hand her a drink, or maybe he’d wait for her to lie down and he’d rub her shoulders.


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