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Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, editor, reader and award winning erotica author whose writing celebrates the beauty of the full-figured female form. Victoria loves to cook and she is equally at home behind a laptop or a stove, whisking up stories, poems, cakes and cookies that make people happy. Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her life.



I shifted uncomfortably in my seat when I noticed the hot guy staring at me again. I knew I shouldn’t have worn a dress. I was showing far too much leg and cleavage, I was sure he must have been horrified by the sight of my blobby body. I had a moment of confidence, though. As I fitted comfortably into the red dress I’d had hanging in my wardrobe for years and never worn once because it was just far too small. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the difference in me. The curves I wanted accentuated and those I hated hidden away. So I went with it, but when I drew the attention of the hottest man in the room I wished I’d gone with one of my bigger items, something that would have protected me from the heat of his stare.
He’s tall, hard and walks with a self-assured swagger. He strolled in to the party with a stunningly beautiful blonde. She was svelte and sexy and virtually invisible side-on. I assumed she was his girlfriend; she looked right on his arm. He’s the kind of man who attracts beauty — you could see that in his self-assured smile. He wears a suit with ease, the pale lilac shirt below highlighting the gold of his hair and the light, airy sparkle of his eyes. His girlfriend has been gone quite a while and he’d nursed a half drunk pint for a good twenty minutes. I wonder if they’d had a falling out. As I watched him, he downed the last of his drink, stood up and walked towards me. I supposed he was on his way to the buffet table. Then he stopped right by my side.
“Would you like a drink?” He asked and I stuttered my response.
“I’m ok, thanks.”
“But your glass is empty, what were you drinking?”
“Just diet coke.” I was stunned, so I just told him without thinking twice.
“Then I shall get you one. Have you tried the buffet yet?”
“No,” my practised lie rolled off my tongue. “I’ve already eaten.”
“I’ll bring you a selection of the best bits,” he said. “There’s always room for party food.”


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