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Sweetmeats was begun in 2000 by Kojo Black. Over the years Kojo Black, with much pride and affection, has developed Sweetmeats Press to be a publishing company of illustrated erotic stories deeply invested in pleasure. Readers and friends of our illustrated erotic stories and books will know Kojo to be a passionate purveyor of the unrepentant risqué. His tales celebrate the sensuality of lust unbound, the thrill of immodest experimentation, and the delicious honesty of orgiastic rapture. If Sweetmeats Press has an ethos it is to celebrate all things erotica.



She kissed him again, deeply, and then stepped back. His beautiful cock jutted out proudly from his equally beautiful body. My own breath caught in my throat as I watched it, shamelessly quivering in the wind. Tia knelt before him, almost as though in prayer. Her wide eyes surveyed his as she opened her mouth wider still, and took his gorgeous, grateful penis into her mouth. Their eyes closed in unison—his in gratitude, hers in gratification, both in absolute rapture.
Her pace was sensually deliberate. As though she wanted to savour every pass her lips made over the sensitive organ. Revel in the thick, warm flesh as it met her tongue, her throat, and all the soft, private places inside her mouth. Slowly, she worked her mouth deeper down the shaft, his member growing slick with her saliva.
I watched in rapt perversion. There was no other way to say it. I’d never seen anything so rude and real, and yet so deeply private, as this spectacle before my eyes. My own mouth watered as I empathetically savoured the glorious piece in Tia’s mouth. I could practically taste the salty pre-cum that she had been teasing from him ever since they’d entered the cellar. I looked down for a moment to find one of my hands wrapped tight around the neck of the champagne bottle, as though willing it to turn into a plump, pulsing, vigorous penis for my very own.


Janine Ashbless

Title(s): Fierce Enchantments, Named and Shamed, Melusine
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Lisette Ashton

Title(s): Drenched, Hard to Swallow
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Lexie Bay

Title(s): Inside Looking Out, An Indolent Seduction
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Kojo Black

Title(s): The Candy Box, Sun Strokes
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Victoria Blisse

Title(s): Seven Deadly Sins, Glutton to Gourmet
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Primula Bond

Title(s): Drenched, The Pool Party
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Kyoko Church

Title(s): Made for Hire, Sweet Sweeter, Diary of a Library Nerd
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Justine Elyot

Title(s): Drenched, Naiad
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Lucy Felthouse

Title(s): Caught in the Act, The Sweetest Revenge
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Title(s): Love Gun, Wanderlust, Hunting Shooting Fishing, Naked Delirium and Smoking Hot
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KD Grace

Title(s): Allotted Views, Aphrodite Gets a Piece of the Action
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Vina Green

Title(s): Drenched, A Divine Solution
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Esmeralda Greene

Title(s): Made for Hire, Gardening Days
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Lana Fox

Title(s): Packing Steel and Wanderlust
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Stella Harris

Title(s): Heat, Wanderlust, Stummed and Well Played
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Kay Jaybee

Title(s): The Circus, Making Him Wait, Punished
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Annabeth Leong

Title(s): The Passenger, Wanderlust, Untouched, Made for Hire and Safekeeping
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Sarah Masters

Title(s): Seven Deadly Sins, Something Else
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Sommer Marsden

Title(s): Naked Delirium, Sugarshuttle Express
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Vanessa de Sade

Title(s): In the Forests of the Night, Gilinda and the Wicked Witch
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Angela Sargenti

Title(s): Lord Sir Beast, Werewolf Brothers make Better Lovers
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Kristina Wright

Title(s): Naked Delirium, Lilith Returns
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