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If you need to find her on any weekday morning, then she is usually to be found in the far corner of her favourite cafe, with a large black coffee in one hand, and a ballpoint pen in the other. She spends each and every morning immersed in thoughts of all things kinky, thoroughly enjoying the fact that her fellow caffeine sippers have no idea what she's writing.
After seven years of compiling novels, short stories, poems, and reviewing other peoples work, without doubt, that there is NO going back for Kay. As Kay say's Once writing has you in its power you are at its mercy for life. It doesn’t pay well, it leads to constant disappointment, and it takes over every other thing you do - but when the publisher says “Yes,” and the occasional unexpected royalty cheque arrives in the post, it suddenly all seems worthwhile, and I LOVE IT!!
'Jaybee is a master of the craft of erotica.' Jordan LaRousse (Oysters and Chocolate)



Ignoring her ex’s shocked protests, but noting mentally that she had now broken the no talking rule for a second time, Maddie tied Tania’s right arm in place, before twisting the trolley twice more and securing her ankles to the remaining metal legs in a similar fashion. The moment she was satisfied that Tania was unable to undo her fastenings simply by tugging at them, Maddie returned to her phone.
Theo had evidently become impatient again.
Theo: The wait better be worth it.
She didn’t bother to reply. Instead, she simply lined up her phone’s camera with the trolley, getting as much of Tania in the shot as possible, took the picture and sent the resulting image to Theo.
For once Maddie was not assailed by the urge to stop and paint the situation she’d orchestrated. This was not about obtaining a representation that would last forever. This was the creation of a personal antidote to all the times Tania had ordered her around – a way of working off the aggravation that had raced to the surface since her erstwhile girlfriend had re-crossed the threshold of her home.
At the back of her mind, Maddie’s determination to rid herself of the feeling that she was losing her touch, spurred her on. If Theo wasn’t happy to hang on his fish hook and wait like all the men that had gone before him, then she needed to toughen up and raise her game – and fast.
Theo: OMG!!! What u going to do to her?
Maddie: Wait and see ...
...Taking another photo, giving her electrician an intimate insight into the glistening folds of her ex, Maddie read his latest message.
Theo: I think u should screw her with a strap on
Knowing she was going to need her hands free very soon, Maddie simply replied, In 2 mins phone me.
Locking the breaks on the wheels of the trolley and ensuring that it couldn’t accidently move, Maddie lounged against the foot of the bed right next to Tania’s face. “Tell me Tan, how badly do you want me to make you cum right now?” Even though she was physically fit, Tania’s limbs were straining at every muscle. Although Maddie suspected that the discomfort of her muscles was nothing compared to the ache between her legs.
Pride, along with the private skirmish Tania was having with the unknown figure at the other end of the phone, dictated the need for denial. Even in the face of the physical evidence to the contrary, Tania replied, “Not as badly as you want to,” her voice gruff, her throat dehydrated.
Again Maddie smiled. “I don’t deny that I have every intention of availing myself of the orgasm I’ve delayed all day – and soon.”
The phone rang and the artist laughed as Tania jumped at its prolonged buzzing against her flesh.
“If you’ll excuse me, Tania.” Maddie rescued her mobile before it jumped off its female table and pressed her mobile as close to her ear as possible to prevent Tania from hearing Theo’s side of the conversation.
Too impatient for pleasantries, Theo dove straight in with what he had to know. “Has she cum yet?”
“No. She’s close though.”
“How about you?”
“Not yet, but I will soon. I am considering a few options as to how that may be attained.” Maddie enjoyed watching Tania’s eyes narrow as she spoke, all the while teasing her free hand over and around the proud breasts in an unending figure of eight.
“I assume you are not saying what those options are because you do not wish her to hear you?” Theo’s voice was amazingly collected, but Maddie could detect the underlying hint of desperation.
“You understand correctly.” Maddie continued her caress of the breasts as she spoke, making sure that her thumb caught the edge of a nipple every now and again, causing Tania to slowly lose the mask of control she’d been holding on to for the past twenty minutes.
“Tell me, honey, how aroused are you? Fancy an orgasm duet?”
“Seriously?” Theo sounded more hopeful than Maddie suspected he intended to.
“Seriously. But you’ll have to tell me how close you are to climax so we can cum together. Tell me everything.” Her hand crept down to Tania’s legs, which had begun to quiver with the effects of restraint and a clear wish to climax. Maddie circled a single digit around, but not over, Tania’s clit as she listened to Theo.
“I’m like a fucking plank of wood – what the hell do you think woman!”
“Good.” Maddie said no more as she made her move.
Climbing up onto the bed, Maddie knelt with her knees spread and her pussy directly over Tania’s face. “I am going to put the mobile on speakerphone. My bitch is going to lick me out now, while you make her cum.”
“Me? How?”
“I am going to bring her off with my phone. You are not going to fuck her. You are going to ‘phone’ her, as it were. You will see what I mean. Are you ready?”


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