Devious Deceptions

“Are you trying to blackmail me?” Melanie asked, staring incredulously at her next-door neighbour.
“Not at all,” the young man grinned, his dark eyes sparkling lustfully,looking her youthful body up and down. “I just thought we might cometo an arrangement. As I said, I’m sure you wouldn’t want your parentsto discover what you get up to.”
“You are blackmailing me,” she murmured, her long blonde hair veilingher flushed face as she hung her head.
“Come into the house, Melanie,” he said, glancing cautiously upand down the street. “We can’t talk out here.”

Following the man through his front door, she dumped her school bagon the floor. He’d waylaid her as she’d trotted up thepath to her house, informed her that he’d seen her antics inthe pub with two boys. Apparently, he’d gone for a drink andhad happened to notice her sitting at a secluded corner table. He’dwatched the boys, their hands wandering over her young body, fondlingthe firm mounds of her petite breasts, delving up her short skirt.

“We’ve lived next door to each other since you were knee-highto a grasshopper,” he said, ushering her into the lounge. “I’vewatched you grow, develop over the years. I’m sure your fatherwould go mad if he knew how you’d turned out.”
“We were only having a drink,” she countered futilely, biting herlip.
“Only having a drink?” he chuckled mockingly. “You had farmore than a drink, Melanie. You must have downed half a dozen large vodkas.And the way you were behaving with those lads...”
“I... I’ve only been to the pub once,” she murmured, wringingher hands.
“I omitted to mention that I often go to that particular pub. I’veseen you there many times. You’re there every Tuesday and Thursday evening.”
“No, I...”
“Your father was talking to me the other day.”
“Oh?” she breathed, her blue eyes frowning.
“He was saying that he’s pleased that you go to the youth clubtwice a week. He reckons that you go every Tuesday and Thursday evening.”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Enjoy the club, do you?”
“It’s OK.”
“What I find odd is that you’re in the pub on the very nights you’resupposed to be at the youth club.”

Nervously twisting her long hair around her slender fingers, Melanieaverted her gaze as he flashed her an accusing look. He’d alwayshad his eye on her. He’d often peered out of his bedroom windowwhen she’d been in her garden. He’d gazed at her feminineform as she’d sunbathed in her bikini. She’d noticed himlooking at her over the fence, feasting his eyes on the curves andmounds of her bikini-clad body. He’d never said anything, nevermade a pass at her. But she’d known of his male thoughts.

“What are you going to do?” she asked as he plonked himselfin an armchair.
“I’m in quite a predicament,” he sighed, shaking his head. “Ireally don’t know what to do.”
“There’s no need for you to do anything,” she said hopefully. “Ipromise I won’t go to the pub again.”
“It’s not as easy as that,” he murmured dolefully. “Ihave to do the right thing, Melanie. I’ll have to inform your fatherthat you never go to the youth club.”
“He’ll go mad,” she sighed.
“I’m sure he will. The problem is... It’s one thing goingto the pub. But quite another having two boys molesting you. I don’tsee that I have a choice. I’ll have to tell your father that you notonly frequent the pub, but you allow those boys to...”
“No, please don’t tell him,” she broke in, wiping her eyes.
“Allowing those boys to put their hands up your skirt... How old areyou? No, you’d better not answer that. Look, I don’t want to spoilyour fun, get you into trouble, but...”
“I’ll probably be grounded for months,” she sobbed.
“You should have thought of that, Melanie.”
He scrutinized her young body again, her full red lips, her freshface. Lowering his head, he gazed at the slight swell of her stomach.She knew what he was thinking, imagined the lewd pictures forming inhis perverted mind. He always seemed to be hovering when she was around.Whether she’d been out in the garden or sitting on the patio,he’d be nearby.

“There might be a way to get you out of trouble,” hesaid pensively. “I might be able to help you.”
“How?” she asked.
“You’re obviously in serious trouble, Melanie. You lie to yourparents, you drink alcohol, allow two boys to put their hands up your skirtand...”
“What are you going to do?”
“It’s not what I’m going to do, Melanie,” he said mysteriously,his thin lips furling into a wicked grin. “It’s what you’regoing to do.”

Eyeing her gymslip, her knee-length white socks, he rubbed his stubblychin. Raising his head, he gazed longingly at the rise of her youngbreasts straining her white cotton blouse. Her blonde hair framed herangelic face, and cascaded over her shoulders. She bit her lip as heunashamedly scrutinised the violin curves of her teenage body. Shefelt as if she was for sale, a manikin in a shop window on displayto the public. Her blue eyes widening as she focused on the bulgingcrotch of his jeans, she turned and looked out of the window as a carpulled up. It was her mother. Facing the man again, she gingerly edgedher way towards the lounge door.

“My mother’s home,” she said softly. “She’llbe wondering where I’ve got to.”
“You’re not always home from school on time, Melanie. I’msure she won’t worry about you.”
“Come and stand over here by my chair,” he said, beckoning herwith his finger. “I want to take a closer look at you.”

Walking across the room, she stood before him and glanced out ofthe window again. Her mother was carrying shopping into the house.Her little bother was helping. Turning, she gazed into her neighbour’sdark eyes, wondering what he was going to do as he again grinned ather. Lowering his head, he focused on the naked flesh of her firm thighs.Her gymslip was short—all the girls wore them that way. The boysat school ogled the girls’ legs and made lewd comments. Melaniedidn’t mind that, it was fun. But to have a man in his late twentiesgazing at her in a lecherous manner...

“Why don’t you lift your skirt up?” he asked, hiseyes transfixed on her shapely thighs.
“No,” she returned anxiously. “I’m not going to ...”
“You don’t seem to mind the boys groping you, feeling between yourlegs. All I want to do is look at your knickers, Melanie.”
“No, I don’t want to.”
“There’s no harm in showing me your knickers, is there?”
“I have to go now,” she said, hearing the front door of her houseslam shut. “My mother...”
“You can go as soon as you’ve shown me your knickers.”

Lifting her gymslip up over her stomach, she looked down at the manas he gazed longingly at the swell of her polka-dot panties. He movedcloser, scrutinising the triangular patch of bulging material faithfullyfollowing the contours of her vaginal lips, clearly outlining the crackof her young pussy. Stroking her inner thigh, he looked up and scowledas she leaped back. Her skirt veiling her tight panties, she knew thatit wasn’t going to stop there. First, a peek at her panties,then a glimpse of her vulval flesh, the sparse blonde curls sproutingthere. And then...

“Lift your skirt up again, Melanie,” he said. His voicewas stern, menacing, threatening. “You don’t want me tohave a talk with your father, do you?”
“No, I don’t,” she replied, tentatively lifting her skirtagain.
“Pull the front of your panties down,” he ordered her, his voiceshaky, his obvious arousal straining the zip of his tight jeans.
“But, you said...”
“Pull the front of your panties down,” he repeated sternly.

Holding her skirt up, she lowered the front of her panties with herfree hand. Her smooth mons coming into view, the top of her girl-crackjust visible, she closed her eyes. The man shifted in his chair, adjustingthe solid shaft of his penis as his dark eyes focused on her feminineintimacy. Brushing his black hair away from his forehead, he lickedhis lips and leaned forward. The sound of her mother shouting at herbrother next door, she released her panties, stepping back and allowingher skirt to cloak the most private place of her young body. The manlooked angry, his forehead lined, his dark eyes scowling. Her handstrembling, she moved towards the lounge door again.

“Melanie,” he said, staring at her as she turned andlooked at him. “What would you father say if he discovered thatyou’d been here?”
“What do you mean?” she asked, her wide eyes mirroring puzzlement.
“If I told him that you’d been here, dropped your panties and shownme your lovely pink little crack. What do you think he’d say?”
“He wouldn’t believe you.”
“I could tell him that I’m worried about you. If I said that younot only go to the pub and drink vodka and allow boys to fondle you, but you’vebeen making moves towards me, sexual advances...”
“That’s not true,” she gasped.
“We know that, but your father doesn’t.”
“You can’t prove that I’ve been here,” she returned,almost triumphantly.
“I could ask him to come in for a chat, man to man. I could say thatI’m concerned about you, the way you behave. To add a little credenceto my story, I might say that I was shocked when you lifted your skirt up anddropped your knickers. I’m sure he’d appreciate my concern forhis little girl.”
“I’ll tell him that you’re lying,” she returned angrily. “I’llsay that I’ve never been here. He won’t believe your lies.”
“As he reaches the front door, I’ll say that I’ve just rememberedsomething. I’ll get your school bag. Tell him that you left it here.”
“My...” she began, looking about her. “My bag’s inthe hall.”
“Is it?”

Dashing into the hall, she remembered leaving her bag by the frontdoor. It had gone. He must have taken it before they’d gone intothe lounge, she reflected. It couldn’t be far away. Walking intothe room, she couldn’t see her bag. That would be evidence enoughof her visit, she knew. But it didn’t prove anything. He beckonedher with his finger again, his deep-set eyes grinning jubilantly asshe stood before him. Would he really go running to her father, shewondered. His eyes sparkling lustfully, she couldn’t be sure.

“If you do exactly as I ask, there’ll be no problem,” hesaid. “You’ll go home with your bag, and no one will beany the wiser. No one will know of your trips to the pub or about theboys fondling you. You can carry on as normal in the knowledge thatyour secret is safe with me. Now, are you going to do as I ask? Areyou going to show me your pussy or do you want your father to blowhis top and ground you for god knows how long?”

Hanging her head, she mumbled her agreement to his indecent demand.

“I thought you’d see sense,” he grinned, recliningin the chair. “OK, start by taking your gymslip off.”

Pulling the garment over her head, she laid it on the sofa. The bottomof her blouse veiling the swell of her tight panties as he gazed ather, she wondered how far she’d have to go. Strip down to herunderwear….or completely naked? Unbuttoning her blouse as heordered her to continue, she reluctantly complied. The material opening,she released the last button, revealing the cleavage of her petitebreasts, her small bra. Were all men like this, she pondered, hesitatingas he stared at her half-naked body. Did all men look at girls likeher and picture their naked bodies? Did they think of sex every timethey glimpsed young girls’ panties?

Finally slipping her blouse off her shoulders and tossing it ontothe sofa, she stepped out of her school shoes. They were new shoes.Her mother had bought them last week. Black with laces and flat soles,she’d not liked them. Her mother had forced her to wear them,and now her neighbour was forcing her to take them off. She could feelthe man’s lecherous stare burning into the unblemished fleshof her teenage body, scrutinising her cleavage, the material of hertight panties straining to contain her full sex lips. He nodded ather, indicating for her to continue with her disrobing.

Reaching behind her back, she unhooked her bra. The small cups fallingaway from her pert breasts as the garment fell to the floor. She couldfeel her face flushing. She didn’t need a bra, but all her schoolfriends wore them. Her mother had said that it was ridiculous wearinga bra at her age. And now her neighbour was ordering her to removethe garment. The rubescent teats of her sensitive nipples rising, herareolae darkening, she looked down at her newly-developed breasts.They were firm, hard, well formed with small budlettes. She’doften wished that her young breasts were bigger, fuller. Was her neighbourwishing she had larger breasts?

Slipping her thumbs between the elastic of her panties and her shapelyhips, she again wondered what the man was going to do. Apart from herknee-length white socks, her panties were all that veiled her youngbody. She felt chilly, her puffy nipples rising in the cool air ofthe room. It had been several years since her mother had seen her naked,and now... She hesitated as her blackmailer moved forward on the chair,gazing expectantly at the taut material concealing her vulval mound.She had no choice but to unveil her intimacy, she knew.

“Go on,” he urged her, licking his lips, his eyes wideningas she began to pull the elastic down. The material peeling away fromher swollen love lips as she eased her panties down her firm thighs.She looked down at what she had revealed. Was she old enough to unveilher curvaceous body before a grown man? Messing about with boys was different.Young teenagers, learning, exploring, discovering...

Releasing her panties, she stood up as they slippeddown her long legs and settled around her ankles. That was it, shemused, stepping out of her panties as he cast his wide eyes over themounds and crevices of her beautiful body. This is what he’dwanted. A naked schoolgirl standing in his lounge, allowing him toogle her young body, gaze at her barely-formed breasts, the fleece-coveredflesh of her pink pussy... Would she now be allowed to dress and takeher bag home? Or would he demand more of her? Bending over, she wasabout to pull her socks down when he stopped her.

“No,” he said. “I like your whitesocks. Turn round and stand with your feet wide apart,” he instructedher.
“I’ve done as you asked,” she said, clasping her hands infront of her naked body, concealing her tightly closed girl-crack.
“You’ve done as I’ve asked so far,” he smiled. “ButI haven’t finished with you yet.”
“I have to go home now,” she sighed. “My mother...”
“Pass me your panties,” he interrupted her.
“Why?” she asked, reaching to the floor and tossing the garmentto him.
“Very nice,” he observed, pressing the crotch to his face and breathingin her aphrodisiacal girl-scent. “And they have your name sewn in them.Did your mother do that?”
“Yes, all my school clothes are...”
“I’ll hang on to them,” he said, stuffing them into his pocket.
“A little insurance, Melanie. Should you decide to cause trouble, I’llhave your panties as evidence of your disrobing. Imagine what your father wouldsay if I told him that you’d come here and pulled your panties off. Ofcourse, I’d have to tell him of my concern. I’d have to say thatyour despicable behaviour...”
“May I dress now?” she broke in.
“I asked you to turn round and touch your toes. When you’ve donethat, you may dress and go home.”

She turned, parting her feet as she gazed out of thewindow. Her little brother was kicking a football around on the pavement.People passed by, oblivious to her predicament. “Bend over andtouch your toes,” he again ordered her. She knew the sight thatwould meet his eyes as she bent over and rested her hands on the carpet.Her vaginal lips swelling between her young thighs, nestling invitinglybelow the tightly-closed pink ring of her bottom-hole. Her long hairhanging like a curtain of gold silk, she looked up at him between herparted legs. What was he thinking? What were his male thoughts?

Slipping off the armchair, he knelt behind her andstudied the fleshy cushions of her outer love lips. Focusing on thepinken petals of her inner lips protruding invitingly from her teenagevalley, he breathed deeply in his arousal. Would he touch her, shewondered, realizing that he might continue to blackmail her. Her pantieswere evidence enough of her crude act. There was no way she could explainwhy she’d left her panties in his house. There’d be onlyone possible explanation, she ruminated. Again and again he could demandthat she strip naked, display the gentle curves and crevices of heryoung body.

“Do you finger your cunt?” he asked inhis crudity.
“No, I don’t,” she murmured, standing upright and turningto face him.
“Don’t you masturbate?” he chuckled, standing before herand brushing her milk teats with the back of his hand. “Do you rub yourclit and bring yourself off?”
“Please, I...” she stammered, backing away.
“Touch it,” he breathed, unzipping his jeans and hauling his erectpenis out.
“No,” she gasped, gazing in horror at his veined shaft, the glisteningbulb of his purple knob as he fully retracted his foreskin.
“Kneel down and touch it, Melanie. If you don’t, then...”
“Please, you can’t make me do this,” she sobbed. “Iwant to go home.”
“You can go home after you’ve touched my cock. I’ll bet you’vestroked and sucked those boys. Have you wanked their cocks and watched theirspunk shoot out?”
“No, I’ve never touched them,” she returned indignantly.
“I want you to wank me, Melanie. Stroke my cock and watch my cum shootout.”
“Please, I’ve done everything you’ve asked. I don’twant to...”
“It’s either that, or I show your father your school bag and yourgirlie-stained knickers. I’ll tell him about your drinking and the boysthrusting their hands up your skirt. They fingered your wet cunt, didn’tthey?”
“No, they didn’t!”
“I reckon they fingered your tight little cunt….brought you offin the pub. Whether they did or didn’t doesn’t matter. Your fatherwill believe me when I tell him that they had their fingers deep in your hotcunt. If you want to keep out of trouble, you’d better stroke my stiffcock.”

Kneeling, she tentatively stroked the warm flesh ofhis rock-hard penis, his huge shaft twitching beneath her caressingfingertip. Unbuckling his belt, his jeans falling around his ankles,he kneaded his heavy balls and again ordered her to work the tumescentflesh back and forth. Running her hand up and down his solid shaft,massaging his fleshy foreskin over the globe of his silky-smooth knob,she could hear her mother shouting again. She should have been at home,she reflected. She should have been doing her maths homework, watchingtelevision and...

“Suck it,” he ordered her, looking downat her angelic face as she gazed into the dark pools of his eyes.
“No,” she breathed. “You can’t force me to do that.”
“I’m not forcing you do anything, Melanie. If you don’t wantto suck my knob, that’s fine by me.”
“If I don’t, you’ll talk to my father and...”
“I don’t see that I’ll have any choice. I’m concernedfor his little girl, worried about the way she’s carrying on, the wayshe’s growing up. You’re going off the rails, Melanie. You’regetting into bad habits, drinking and being dirty with boys. You’re adirty little girl, aren’t you?”
“I have to go now,” she said, releasing his erect cock.
“OK, if that’s what you want.” Grabbing her bra from thefloor, he smiled. “I’d better give your bra and panties to yourmother. I’ll tell her that I saw you in the park with two boys, saw youcoming out of the woods. I’ll say that I wandered into the woods andfound your bra and panties in a clearing.”
“No, please don’t.”
“Your panties have your name in them, remember that. Your mother shouldknow about your wicked ways. I might even say that there were two spunk-filledcondoms lying on the grass by your wet panties.”
“If my mother thought that I...”
“She should be told that you’re a naughty, dirty little schoolgirlie.What sort of neighbour would I be if I said nothing? Knowing that you’redrinking, having boys fondling your tits, playing with your little pussy...You can see the predicament I’m in.”
“I’ll do anything, but I don’t want to suck it,” shewhispered, a tear rolling down her flushed cheek as she gazed at his knob-slit.
“You will suck it, Melanie. Stop arguing with me….and suck it.”
“Suck it now!”
“I ... I can’t.”
“I told you. You will suck it, Melanie. I’m going to mouth-fuckyou and spunk down your throat. Now, suck it!”

Leaning forward, she took his purple plum into her hot mouth andgently sucked. Gasping, he clutched her head, driving his bulbous glansdeep into her pretty mouth. Breathing heavily through her nose, savouringthe salty taste of his swollen globe, she knew he’d force herto swallow his sperm. Mouth-fuck. She pondered on the crude term, wonderingwhether her father had mouth-fucked her mother. The man’s pubiccurls tickling her nose as he withdrew and propelled his knob to theback of her throat, she coughed and spluttered. She was sure her fatherwouldn’t do this to her mother, as her own red lips rolled alongthe rock-hard cock fucking her hot mouth.

“You need a damned good spanking for the way you’ve behaved,” theman breathed, rocking his hips, repeatedly thrusting his swollen knobinto her bloated mouth. “I ought to put you over my knee andthrash your naked bottom.” Moaning through her nose, Melanielooked up at his face, the pleasure depicted in his expression as sheran her tongue over the velveteen surface of his solid glans. He wasa pervert, she ruminated. He’d demand that she visit him again,strip naked and suck his cock. For years he’d watched her, thinkinghis base thoughts. And now he had her where he wanted her.

“…..Coming…..” he gasped, clutching handfulsof her blonde hair, forcing her to swallow his gushing spunk. The saltyliquid bathing her pink tongue, filling her cheeks, she swallowed hard.His spunk overflowing, streaming down her chin and raining over herpert breasts. She thought his flow of semen would never end as he continuedto rock his hips, mouth-fucking her in his debauchery. Again and againshe swallowed, gulping down his sperm as he let out long low moansof pleasure. Her mother shouted again. Her little brother was in trouble.Would she be in trouble, she wondered. It was getting late. She shouldhave been home long ago. Wanking the man’s solid shaft, she swallowedthe remnants of his sperm as his legs sagged and his body began tocrumple.

“That was good….” he panted, slipping his deflatingcock out of her cum-drenched mouth. Licking her lips as he sat in thearmchair and shuddered in the aftermath of his coming, she reachedto the sofa and grabbed her blouse. She’d have to go home withouther bra and panties, she reflected. But she had no choice. She’dneed her school bag. He’d at least allow her to take her bag,wouldn’t he? Pulling her blouse over her shoulders, she stoodup and pulled the garment on.

“What are you doing?” he asked, his face grimacing ashe stared hard at her. “I don’t recall telling you to dress.”
“I have to go home,” she returned firmly. “I’ve doneeverything you wanted, and now I must go home.”
“No, no, no,” he grinned. “You’re not going anywhere,yet.”
“Please, I...”
“Come and stand here,” he said, perching on the edge of the chair.
“It’s getting late,” she sighed, standing by the chair. “Ihave to do my homework.”
“Open your cunt,” he ordered her.
“No, I won’t.”
“Open your cunt lips, or I’ll spank your bottom as hard as I can.And then I’ll talk to your father. You’re a dirty girl, Melanie.A dirty, naughty little girl. Pull your pussy lips open.”

Peeling the fleshy lips of her young vagina apart, exposing the intricateinner folds of her pussy, she found she was wet. She closed her eyesas he grabbed her hips and ran his wet tongue up and down her gapingsex crack. She could hear the slurps of his tongue, his deep breathingas he lapped at her sex-wet vaginal entrance. The sensitive budletteof her clitoris swelling, a finger entering the tight sheath of herpussy, she gasped. Hanging her head, her long golden locks veilingher blushing face, her young body shuddered as he sucked and lickedher pulsating clitoris. She was going to come, she knew as her cervixfluttered and juices of arousal flowed from her young pussy.

“Oh god help...” she breathed as her orgasm eruptedwithin the solid nub of her clitoris. Licking and mouthing her swollen pleasure spot, pistoning her tightening vaginal duct with his fingers, he sustained her incredible climax. On and on waves of sexual ecstasy rolled though her quivering body, shook her very core as her legs sagged and her heart raced. The squelching of her vaginal juices resoundingaround the room, she heard her mother shouting through the sexual haze of her blown mind. Dizzy in her coming, she clung to the man’shead to steady herself as he forced a third finger into the rhythmicallycontracting sheath of her drenched pussy. Finally staggering back,she crumpled to the floor as his fingers slipped out of her hot vagina.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” he asked, kneeling betweenher splayed thighs as she tossed her head from side to side.
“No,” she gasped, his purple knob slipping between the fleshy cushionsof her teenage love lips. “No, Please...”
“Yes,” he chuckled, his solid shaft gliding into her wet vagina,his bulbous knob pressing against the harder softness of her creamy cervix. “God,you’ve got a tight little cunt.”
“Please, take it out,” she whimpered as his balls met the roundedorbs of her firm buttocks. “Please, I’m a virgin.”
“You were a virgin,” he chuckled wickedly.

Withdrawing, he drove into her young body again, stretchingthe tight duct of her pussy, delving to her cervix as he fucked herin his uncontrollable lust. Again and again he drove his knob deepinto her tiny vagina, her curvaceous form rocking with the crude violationof her youthful body. Her stomach rising and falling as her pelviccavity inflated and deflated, she dug her fingernails into the carpetand squeezed her eyes shut. She knew she was going to come again, asthe curved, wet shaft of his cock massaged in and out through her insides.She was going to come, spurt her sex juices over his swinging ballsas he spurted his spunk over her young cervix.

“I’ve wanted to fuck your little pink pussyfor so long,” he breathed, ramming his cock deep into her tremblingbody. “I’ve often thought about you, imagined your tinycunt, thought about fucking you.” Her orgasm exploding withinher painfully yearning clitoris, she cried out in her enforced comingas he fucked her with a cruel vengeance. “Yes,” he gasped,his cock swelling, stretching the hot canal of her tight vagina wideopen as his sperm gushed from his throbbing knob. The squelching oftheir sex juices mingling with their gasps of pleasure, their bodiesshaking violently, they rode the crest of their climaxes. Again andagain his spunk shot from his purple glans, filling her inflamed pussysheath, spurting from her bloated vaginal entrance and splatteringher inner thighs.

“No more,” she finally gasped, her eyesrolling, her nostrils flaring. Making his last thrusts into the ductof her abused pussy, his sperm flow stemming, he stilled his tremblingbody. His bulbous knob pressing against her drowned cervix, her tautouter lips gripping the root of his massive organ, she panted for breathas her pleasure began to recede. Finally sliding his wet cock out ofher violated vagina, he lay on the floor recovering from his illicitact. Hauling herself up, she slipped her panties and bra from his pocketand grabbed her clothes. He was too dazed to notice her dressing. Hiswet cock snaking over his relieved balls, sperm dribbling from hisknob-slit, he was oblivious to his surroundings.

Grinning as she looked behind the door and noticedher school bag, she hurriedly finished dressing and made her escape.He had nothing on her now, she knew as she slipped out of the frontdoor. No panties, no bra, no bag... He wouldn’t blackmail her again, would he? A cocktail ofsperm and girl-cum filling her tight panties, coursing down the smoothflesh of her inner thighs, she made her way to the park to meet her friend.She was late, but hoped that the girl would still be there. Trotting acrossthe grass, she saw her sitting on a bench by the pond.

“Faye!” she called, nearing the bench.
“Where have you been?” the young girl asked. “I was aboutto go home.”
“Sorry,” Melanie panted, dropping her bag to the ground. “Ittook longer than I thought. Your brother did a good job. The pub, the two boysgroping me, the vodka... My neighbour believed every word your brother said.”
“They’ve seen each other in the pub often enough, so there’sno reason your neighbour wouldn’t believe my brother. Tell me what happened.”
“He did it. He “blackmailed” me, just as we knew he would.He said that he’d tell my father all about the pub and the boys unlessI...” Melanie smiled smugly.
“Unless you what?”
“He came in my mouth and then fucked me.”
“You lucky bitch!”
“I certainly am. He was bloody amazing. The best fuck I’ve hadyet.”
“I really didn’t think you’d pull it off.”
“I pulled him off, all right,” she giggled. “I know my neighbour’ssort. He’s a right pervert. And lucky for me a handsome one! He’ddo anything to get inside my knickers. The lying sod said that he’d seenme in the pub with two boys. Anyway, it’s getting late. I’d bettergo home.”
“OK, I’ll see you at the club tonight.”
“I’ll be there at eight,” Melanie grinned. “My dadwill pick us up, as usual. Don’t forget to bring the money you owe me.”
“You bet.”
“I did bet. And I won.”

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