At the Doctors

My husband, John and I have been married for six years. We have always had a very full sex life, but it was reading about pseudo-medical examinations in a magazine that gave us the idea of trying it for ourselves. We started off our role-play without any props. We would take it in turns as to who was the patient and who was the doctor, and would use the kitchen table, covered with a white blanket, as our 'examination couch'. We both thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and gradually we built up quite a collection of medical paraphernalia, such as stethoscopes, speculums, syringes, a proper medical examination table, etc.

About six months ago we met a lovely lady called Jill Freeman at a party. As the evening progressed and we had all consumed a few more drinks, the conversation turned to sex and then to our medical games. Inhibitions were out of the window by now and Jill confessed that it was also one of her fantasies to be medically examined and the fact that she would like it to become reality. At the end of the evening we swapped phone numbers and promised we would be in touch. A few days later I called her to arrange an 'appointment' for the following week.

We thought we would give her the full service, so before she arrived, John donned his white medical jacket and I dressed in my little nurse's outfit (I used a little artistic licence designing my uniform and had shortened the hem so that it finished near the tops of my thighs and I always wear stockings and high heels.) When she arrived, I greeted her at the door and showed her into the 'waiting room'. I told her that doctor would be free shortly and I would call her through when he was ready.

To give the realistic effect, we kept her waiting for at least ten minutes. "Doctor's ready now, Mrs. Freeman." I called as I opened the door and motioned for her to follow me. I showed her through to our 'surgery' where the 'doctor' was on the other side of his desk writing up some medical notes. When he finished, he looked across at her and asked her to confirm that she had come for the gynaecological check-up. Mrs. Freeman replied that she had. Doctor then asked her to remove all her clothing behind the screen and hop up on to the examination table.

she had done so, the doctor came over to her, said he would like to examine her breasts first and would she raise her arms for him. He kneaded and squeezed at her mammaries, making her nipples stiffen. Then he asked her to lie down and began to press into her tummy feeling for anything unusual. "Good. That seems to be perfectly normal so far," he said before asking her to hook her legs into the stirrups either side of the couch so that her vulva could clearly be examined for any abnormalities. Snapping on his latex gloves and taking a tube of lubricant, he squeezed some over his gloved fingers and smeared it over her vulva.

Having examined her labia for quite some time, he inserted his fingers into our patient's vagina, rhythmically plunging them in and out. I could see she was enjoying doctor's attentions as she raised her bottom off the couch to meet his touch. "Nurse, pass me the speculum," he ordered. He took the sterilised instrument from the tray I offered to him and placed the cold stainless steel tool at the entrance to her vagina, before slowly inserting it in as far as necessary. Once in position doctor began to turn the screw to open the wings thus widening her duct. With a small torchlight shining into her cavity, he inspected her vaginal linings and cervix.

Leaving the instrument inside her, he began stroking her clitoris and rubbing it gently, pushing the hood up over her little bud. "Nurse, would you bend down and look inside her vagina, whilst I continue here, and Mrs. Freeman, please let nurse know when your orgasm is rising," he said matter-of-factly, as Jill continued to writhe and moan. I knelt down in front of her splayed legs and did as instructed. Doctor continued what he was doing and before long she said in a strained voice, "It's coming now." As I looked up into her vagina, I could see her cervix twitching and her vaginal walls trying to contract around the speculum that was keeping her apart. She exhaled with some very satisfying moans, before relaxing back again.

"Jolly good. Your sexual system is working very well. If I may, I would like to check that your bowels are in correct working order," it was a statement rather than a question. He asked her to flip over on to her hands and knees with her bottom in the air. Applying more jelly on his gloved fingers, he smeared it over her anus and inserted his finger, which made her jump a little.

After gently massaging her anus until she was completely relaxed, he inserted another finger into her back passage, moving them in and out before using his other hand to stimulate Mrs. Freeman's vagina. "Nurse, I need you to rub her clitoris for me," I did as I was asked, and cupped her breast with my other hand, toying with her nipple. It wasn't long before she came again and collapsed facedown onto the couch.

"There is one last test I need to complete before we can safely say that your sexual health check is complete. If you could put your legs back into the stirrups for me please," he stated. Jill was still panting, and I could see her face was flushed with pleasure as she turned to get into position. "Nurse, please prepare me, I'm just about ready now," he said. I came over to him, pulled down his trousers and underwear to free his aroused penis. I could see how hard and aroused he was and pre-cum was almost dripping from the end of his urethra. I smeared his own lubrications over his glans and rolled a condom over his erection. Holding open her vaginal lips, I correctly positioned the tip of his penis at her entrance. He pushed forward and penetrated her, pushing his shaft into the patient as I rubbed her clitoris with one hand and grasped his testicles with my other. He methodically moved in and out for quite some time until Mrs. Freeman said that she thought her orgasm was rising again, whereupon, he stepped up his pace. Mrs. Freeman's face contorted with pleasure as she came, shortly followed by the doctor ejaculating his semen into the condom inside her, his balls tightening against his body as he orgasmed.

When he had milked himself dry and recovered, he withdrew his softening penis. I helped him up with his underwear and trousers. Returning to his desk he asked Mrs. Freeman to re-dress. When she sat at his desk to receive her results, he said was delighted to confirm that she was in sound sexual health, but by no means should she become complacent. He advised her to return for another check in three months time. Mrs. Freeman thanked the Doctor and I showed her out. We are both looking forward to Mrs. Freeman's next appointment!

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