Any Extras?

A couple of girlfriends and I went on holiday last year to Barbados. It was absolutely heavenly - the hotel was beautiful being situated right at the edge of its own private beach and the locals and staff were very friendly. It was total paradise. The days were spent snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing and the evenings around the pool bar, supping all manor of tropical cocktails, listening to the sea lap upon the sandy shore.

A week or so into the holiday, I was reading the hotel brochure and was reminded that they offered a massage service. I had always fancied the idea of a massage, so that afternoon I booked one for the following day.

I showered and washed my hair, then strolled over to the massage hut wrapped in the hotel's complimentary dressing gown. I had expected a female masseur, but the man said that she'd had to leave early, as there had been a minor domestic situation, so he was standing in for her. It didn't worry me that I would be massaged by a man, in fact if anything, I thought it would be a bit of a bonus. He had a dark skin, beautifully contrasted by his crisp white T-shirt and shorts. I noticed that he also had a very fit, muscular body and strong hands. He asked me to go behind the screen to remove my gown and wrap myself in the towel on the chair. When I returned, he asked me to lay face down on the massage table.

When I was comfortable, he removed my towel, oiled his hands and drizzled some of the warm liquid over my back. He began firmly stroking my now slippery skin, and running his hands up over my shoulders, along my arms, around my neck for quite some time before turning his attention to my bottom, legs and feet. The whole sensation was very relaxing, but despite this I found myself fantasising about this man who was paying such intense attention to my body and I heard myself exhale with a small moan.

All this time I had been face down, but now he asked me to turn around so he could massage my front. As I turned, I noticed his erect penis through his tight shorts. He caught my eye and smiled at me. "I'm sorry about that", he laughed, "it doesn't usually happen, but you are a very sensual person."

He continued his massage on my front, starting with my arms, before moving to my breasts. His hands kneaded and grasped at my flesh and I could feel myself swell to his touch. His attentions turned to my stomach and then lower to my groin and to the insides of my thighs.

"Do you offer any extras?" I asked, frightened that he might be offended.

"Officially, no, but I would be happy to be of service to such a sexy woman. What would you like?" he asked."I don't know." I feebly responded. I was feeling a little embarrassed, as I had never asked for something like that before.

"Then leave it to me." He traced his fingers either side of my vulva, pressing into my inner thigh flesh with his knuckles, before slipping a finger into my sopping vagina. He smiled and said "Man, you're one very aroused woman." Feeling a little braver now I knew he was as excited as I was, I asked: "Can you take your shorts off so I can see you?" He pulled them down and revealed his long, thick, dark, erect penis.

From his shirt pocket he pulled a condom, tore it open and rolled it down over his shaft. He positioned his penis at the entrance of my vagina and began to nudge gently into my hole until he was fully inside me. The sensation of being completely filled made me gasp. He rubbed at my clitoris with his thumb and grasped one of my breasts in his other hand. Very slowly he withdrew his prick almost completely before slowly pushing back in. My juices around his knob made wet, squelchy noises as he moved in and out.

The whole situation was so naughty and exciting that within three or four minutes of his rhythmical rubbing and slow pumping, I could feel my orgasm begin to rise in my body and my juices flowed around his manhood. As it subsided he concentrated on his own pleasure. He clung on to my thighs and soon quickened his strokes. "I want to see your cum splash over my tits." I yelled, unabashedly. He whipped his knob out of my vagina; ripped off the condom, grasped his penis in his hand and pumped away at it. Within a few strokes, huge globules of his come were splattering over my breasts as his body shook and his knees buckled with the pleasure.

When he had composed himself, he wiped the come from my breasts with a warm wet towel. I thanked him, wrapped myself in the dressing gown and returned to my room to find the other two girls sitting on the bed and I told them of my adventure.

The next day they both booked themselves in for a massage, but were very disappointed to find that the female masseuse had returned and was back at work!

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