A Helping Hand

My wife and I have been married for five years. We have a good relationship, but my wife's sex drive is much more than I could ever keep up with and it had started to cause a few problems.

We were having dinner with some friends when the topic came up in conversation. Veronica and John said that friends of theirs had a similar problem, so had advertised for a bloke in a contacts magazine. Neither my wife nor myself were particularly keen at the time, but as the weeks passed, the thought of watching my wife being shagged by another bloke increased my sex drive no end and it became a bit of a game. I would pretend that I was a plumber come to fix the washing machine and we would then end up shagging on it, or we'd pretend I was a carpenter coming to give her a quote for some new wardrobes etc…

We started talking again about another man joining us for real and decided that we were ready now to go ahead. We bought a few top shelf magazines and got in touch with some suitable sounding men from the contact pages and swapped photographs. Most were not to my wife's liking, apart from one of them who caught her eye. Mike was in his mid thirties, reasonably good looking and had about the same sized cock as me, which was something my wife insisted on so as to make it a level playing field.

We corresponded and spoke on the phone before we arranged to meet in a pub some weeks later. We discussed what my wife and I wanted and expected from the session, but as he had been involved in a few threesomes himself, I suggested that he should take the lead.

When we got back to our house, we got into the swing of things by having a game of strip poker. It didn't take long for my wife to get down to her underwear and I'm sure she kept losing deliberately.

Noticing that I looked a bit awkward, he indicated that I should lick her pussy at the other end. My wife was absolutely soaking and was gagging for a cock in her cunt judging by the slurping noises she was making. After a while, I could see Mike wanted more as well and I motioned for him to come over to take her from behind. He didn't need asking twice and withdrew his cock from her mouth. He came round to my end and I crouched down to watch him make his entry. He held his cock and pushed into her sticky opening. His shaft was soon coated with her juices. He held on to her hips and thrust in and out, my wife all the while moaning and groaning deeply.

Even by this time, Mike and I still had shirts and trousers on. However, now the game had almost come to its natural conclusion and my wife was keen to get on with the evening, she went to Mike and began massaging his neck and shoulders before slipping his shirt off. Mike got the rest of his kit off and I followed suit. Moments later, Mike and I were naked and sporting two huge erections. He told my wife to get on her hands and knees whilst he kneeled in front of her and said she should suck him off.

I put my cock into her mouth and she lapped and sucked at it like there was no tomorrow. I hadn't seen her this aroused for ages and the sight of another man fucking my wife threw me over the edge and I came into her mouth. She swallowed the lot.

Mike was still thrusting away at my wife who was now playing with her clit. I lay next to her, took over and began stroking my cock back to life at the same time. She cried out that she was coming and as soon as she had finished, Mike pulled out and stroked his cock a few times before his spunk erupted from the end and spattered over my wife's back. This made me fully hard again and Mike motioned for me to take his place. I fed my cock into her sopping cunt and pumped away. He moved up to the other end and put his limp dick into her mouth. She lapped greedily at it just as she had done with mine and soon it was back to full hardness. He pulled out and wiped his cock over her face several times, making her beg for her mouth to be fucked. I couldn't hold back any more, and shot my load deep in her cunt.

Mike pulled out of her mouth and flipped her onto her back. She spread her legs wide as he positioned his cock at her cunt entrance and once more began pounding into her. My wife climaxed again as I sat back to watch the two of them. It wasn't long before he came deep inside her and the three of us lay down together to recover.

We continued our love making throughout the night and all woke up the next day well and truly shagged!

We have met Mike several times since this first occasion for some other brilliant sessions and now my wife is keen on bringing another man into the equation.

It's worked out very well for my wife and me. My sex drive as high now as it was when I was a teenager, and my wife gets a good seeing to as often as she likes!

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