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Publisher's Weekly

Jan, 2016

Like the best amuse-bouche, these four brief, mouthwatering erotic tales will satisfy a discerning palate, but leave the reader hungry for more. Black assembles contributions from Tamsin Flowers, Zak Jane Keir, Elizabeth Black, and Vanessa de Sade, who set their rendezvous in a five-star kitchen, dominatrix club, beachside cottage, and postapocalyptic Europe, respectively. In each story, the taste and texture of the food being served play some small role, though they never overtake the sex, which is front and center. The most successful story is Flowers’s, which features a starchy dietician who can’t resist a taste of the Michelin-starred chef who taunted her on TV. A summer pudding, featuring berries picked in the rain, makes an indulgent dessert. The premise of De Sade’s tale opens the door for an intriguing look at a futuristic society with few men, openly sexual women, and sophisticated automations, but lacks the space to fully flesh out the backstory. Black’s story of an ocean-commanding witch fits well in this set, but Keir’s account of a weak man still reeling from childhood teasing seems out of place. (Jan.)

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Erotic Reviews

Library Journal

July, 2015

Five long-form stories comprise this anthology from across the pond. First up is Lisa Fox’s “Rigorous Training,” in which gymnast Christy embarks on a mission to persuade the legendary hermit Kyle Weston to train her for her comeback. Hidden from the public eye for over ten years, Kyle is far from the grizzled has-been Christy is expecting—she is instead greeted by a gorgeous young man with an intense training technique and a keen awareness of her mounting lust. By the end of their sessions, both athletes are rewarded, in more ways than one. Emerald’s “Doubleheader” is a tale of lovers reunited. Relegated to a corporate (albeit impressive) position as vice president and CFO of a baseball team, owing to the lack of women’s major league baseball, Rita is shaken up by the reappearance of Chad Tomlinsen, major league star and former flame, who nearly swept her into a very different life years ago. Though Rita swore never to sleep with any of her players, her reunion with Chad and rookie Evan’s longtime crush encourage her to bend the rules. Vanessa Wu’s odd yet determined narrator sets her sights on an attractive racing fanatic in “Monococque.” The two form an instant connection aboard a ten-hour flight from London to Shanghai, leading her to engage in a number of risky pursuits to score tickets to Shanghai’s big race. Luckily, the two finally meet again and fulfill their dreams of raunchy, racing-related sexual exploits, complete with Formula One double entendres. In Lexie Bay’s “Playing with the Big Boys,” Grace knows she needs to lock down notable client Jay Morgan to be respected by her male peers. She also knows his soft spot is golf, so she plans to gain some experience by teeing off with three of the hottest, most conceited men from her office. When things go better than planned, leading to private “lessons” from all three, Grace celebrates with a private party for her new boy toys. The final contribution, Malin James’s “The Master,” is a departure from its peers, unique in its dark tone and depiction of M/M sex scenes. Although the mysterious fencing expert Alin Dalca disappeared more than 50 years ago, rumors abound that he still trains athletes to perfection as “The Master.” Lured by the promise of greatness, Tom Granger finds himself in a Romanian chalet with three other male contestants, an enchantingly aloof female instructor, and more sexual temptation than he can contemplate. When the men learn that their training will consist mainly of “moderate pain” and total submission, Tom is more than ready to play to win. VERDICT These rich, evocative tales shed light on the spicy side of such unconventionally sexy sports as golf and fencing. A standout title.

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Erotic Reviews

Publishers Weekly

July, 2015

Black sweeps readers away with five astonishing tales of women on the move and the alluring sex that stops them short or propels them into new adventures. Annabeth Leong’s “The Passenger,” which starts the collection off, is the sultry tale of an onanistic woman walking out of an unsatisfying marriage and getting far more than she bargained for when she sneaks into the back of a truck bound for a sex museum. The surprising twist of that story leaves readers hot and ready for Lana Fox’s “Packing Steel,” in which a lively character voice and a series of escalating encounters tease readers through the tale of a jaded hit woman’s last job and the delectably sexy mark she can’t let pass. Fulani’s “Love Gun” is a sweet and surreal tale about unexpected adventure, featuring a delightfully unusual sex interest and a poignant final note. The final two stories, Lily Harlem’s “Going Up” and Stella Harris’s “Heat,” don’t have quite the same sense of indulgence, but they’re just as scintillating and satisfying. Black gleefully shatters the reader’s preconceived notions of erotic fiction, creating an outstandingly sexy collection that will stand up to repeated rereading.

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Erotic Reviews

Teresa Noelle Roberts

Nov 7, 2014

Wow. This is an intense book. It was both an arousing read, as you'd expect a book full of explicit scenes of voyeurism, exhibitionism and fun with sex toys to be, and thought-provoking. Celia's sexuality is unusual--she's extremely sensual and horny, and she craves some kind of connection with others, but she can't bear to be touched. One of the more moving scenes is one where she lets herself touch grass, because even that contact had frightened her. This is erotica, so her way of coping is to distract herself with arousal and showing off for her lover (and he *is* a lover, though they rarely touch), and the moment when she lets herself feel the grass below her bare feet instead of just focusing on her arousal is stunning. Needless to say, her relationships with others are convoluted and difficult and I found myself myself rooting for her and Eli, the lover who thrills at watching her but craves more than she can give.

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Erotic Reviews

Tamsin Flowers

August 21, 2014

I love my job for so many reasons – but one of the really great ones is that I get to sit and read erotica all day long and it’s work. I’m not slacking, I’m actually working hard. Turning the pages as fast as I can to reach the really dirty bits… After all, somebody’s got to do it.

And this week, I’ve had the exquisite pleasure of reading Drenched, a new anthology of wild and wet erotica from Sweetmeats Press, compiled by Kojo Black. I’d heard of Sweetmeats Press quite some time ago and I knew that they produced illustrated erotica, but this was the first time I’d actually read any of their output. And, boy, will I be reading some more!

Drenched isn’t illustrated but the five water-themed stories are completely capable of conjuring up a series of delectable images in your mind – from Janine Ashbless’s seductive “Melusine” to Justine Elyot’s adventurous “Naiad”, from Primula Bond’s riotous “Pool Party” to Lisette Ashton’s wicked executive in “Hard to Swallow” and Vina Green’s vicar’s-wife-with-a-secret in “A Divine Solution”. The quality of the writing is excellent throughout and, although sticking to the central theme, there is plenty of variety in the stories Black presents. Droughts are foiled, office politics are played and parties explode with a bang and all through it, the erotic power of water runs with an insistent throbbing that sweeps you from one story to the next. But be careful of the undercurrent – you could be in danger of being sucked under!

I have to say that my favorite story was Justine Elyot’s “Naiad”

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Erotic Reviews

Malin James

August 20, 2014

Water is an undeniably sexy element, but it would be easy to stick with the obvious where sex and water are concerned–tropical waterfalls and bikini tops flung aside, etc., etc., etc. But there is nothing pat or cliched in the stories featured in Drenched, edited by Kojo Black, the newest anthology from Sweetmeats Press.

“Melusine,” Janine Ashbless’s incredible adaptation of the traditional Breton fairy tale, sinks the reader into an older accountant’s sexual fascination with his much younger wife–the beautiful, mysterious Lucy, whose only unbreakable rule is that she must be alone on Friday nights through noon the next day. But this is no idyllic, innocent fairy tale. Ms. Ashbless weaves brutal longing into the fabric of the story, so that it’s literally drenched with tension, sex and misunderstanding.

On the other side of the spectrum is Justine Elyot’s lovely tale, “Naiad,” a tale about a girl on vacation who allows herself to be “captured” by a mysterious stranger for an afternoon. The give and take between fantasy and reality is lovely as the protagonist “indulges her kinky side” by willfully disobeying her captor’s instructions to his, (and her own), delight. And I can’t review this collection without mentioning Vina Green’s haunting fable, “A Divine Solution,” a poignant, literary and achingly hot account of one woman’s lush sexuality amid a literal and spiritual drought.

And then, of course, there was Primula Bond’s gorgeous contribution, the sexy, cinematic romp of a story called “The Pool Party.” As I was reading it, I kept envisioning French and Italian films staring Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot, with exotic beauties and temperamental men in steeped in decadence…but more on that lovely piece in one moment.

Drenched contains some of the highest quality literary pornography that I’ve read in a very long time. And I do mean “literary pornography,” for as beautifully written and literate as these stories are, they are gorgeously and unapologetically pornographic, depicting the joys and complications of sex, dominance and submission in ways that are everything from fleetingly incidental to fraught with consequence. It was an absolute pleasure to read and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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Erotic Reviews


July 24, 2014

Seven Deadly Sins compiled by Kojo Black is an anthology of erotic short stories and is recommended for readers 18+ due to strong sexual content.

Reviewed by Crissy Cris and Susan Byrum Sun Strokes contains four short stories with a steamy, sun drenched theme.

Crissy’s Review – 4.2

While these seven sins are considered deadly, the way lust, greed, gluttony, envy, sloth, pride, and wrath are delivered in these stories, is most unexpected. The characters are powerful, the storyline is mind boggling, and each story’s executed detail is just unimaginable. What I found to be this book’s strength was it’s deliverance, the ability to incorporate such high sexual content without losing the focus of the story’s message.

It’s astonishing how an author is able to create a scenario with such detail that you are pulled into one of the characters and your mind is taken over. You unravel the images in your mind, your body takes control, and suddenly you are there. For me, the originality of these stories stood out the most. The sex scenes were wildly descriptive but a tad overwhelming for my interest. There were a few editing imperfections but not enough to detract from the overall story.

I must admit I didn’t care for a couple of the stories. For instance, in reading Sloth, I became a bit agitated with the character India. In fact, the more I read, the more irritated I became with her. In summary, these are most definitely strong erotica stories and if this is your fancy, don’t pass up the opportunity to add this to your TBR.

Felicity’s Review – 4.2

Seven Deadly Sins is a collection of erotic short stories compiled by Kojo Black. Each short story addresses one of the sins: lust, greed gluttony, envy, sloth, pride, and wrath. Each sin is written by a different writer giving each story a different voice. The stories have strong sexual content and are highly erotic in nature. Every sexual combination is explored in different ways within the theme of each story.

The collection is well written and the theme quite clear in all the stories. Each writer’s take on the sins is unique and clever, and it made for an overall enjoyable read.

As I previously stated, the sexual content is strong and quite graphic in nature and may not be suitable for everyone. I enjoyed the book and found many of the stories thought provoking and extremely confronting, in a good way.

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Erotic Reviews


March 20, 2014

Everyone is tired of the long, never ending Winter so this time we’re reviewing an anthology from Sweetmeats Press – London guaranteed to heat up the winter air. This anthology is a quick read, perfect for Spring Break and a day at the beach. This is erotica in it’s rawest form and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18!

Review – Sun Strokes by Kojo Black

Reviewed by Crissy Cris and Susan Byrum Sun Strokes contains four short stories with a steamy, sun drenched theme.

Crissy’s Review – 4.4

This is a collection of short stories with steamy encounters among strangers, friends and lovers.

Three encounters make up The Chalet. The first, set at poolside where two strangers, a man and a woman give in to their sexual desires. in the second, a woman recounts her sexual experiences while performing self gratification. Lastly, a trio of friends satisfy their urges after dinner.

In Beaches and Cream, a chaotic story of two families unravels and a sexual encounter between two women unfolds on a holiday trip. In Summer in the City we follow Stephanie through several sexual encounters, each one unique and different. Lastly, in Finnish Wood we experience a provocative dream sequence and voyeurism.

These four stories are sure to take you on a carnal ride. The content seemed, for the most part, to be unrealistic, but I guess that’s what makes it that much more gripping. The book feeds your most primitive mind. If you’re looking for your next hot, steamy, racy read, then this is the book for you.

Susan’s Review – 3.9

Quite frankly, I’ve struggled with the review of this book largely due to my own expectations when I read a book. I enjoy reading erotica but I like it tempered with a well-developed story with complex characters and an intriguing plot. Unfortunately, this anthology offered erotica but not the remainder. For me, it was just about sex, sometimes in it’s most hedonistic form. As a cautionary note, this book contains sexual situations not only between men and women, but two women and a ménage thrown in. This may not be appealing to some readers.

Even though the book was limited in plot and character depth, the sexual encounters we’re graphic and well written. They should satisfy most readers of hard core erotica. It’s definitely a quick read and a good one to take to a day at the beach!

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Erotic Reviews

January 30, 2014

... We also check out a few bits of audio based prose from Sweetmeats Press on our erotica segment. Sex news brings us LA is happy porn left, Cosmo answers 10 sex questions, sexual fluidity, crazy sex laws and glow in the dark undies! And if you need more than that to check out this week's show we've got Sean's How not to dirty talk and a few badass clips from The Operator.

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Erotic Reviews

November 13, 2013

I’m not a big reader. I like to read, it’s just that I always fall asleep on the second page (making porn is more tiring than you think!), but I was pretty excited when the great people of SweetMeats Press kindly suggested to send me some of their stories for me to read and review. This is why, today, I’m going to tell you my experience on reading Allotted Views, a great erotic short story by K.D. Grace!

Allotted Views – When imagination meets desire.

I received three stories from SweetMeats Press, and this is the first I read. I suppose I was intrigued by the title. So after writing my usual post here, I got into bed, turned on my red night light for extra ambiance, checked that my Snappy was resting in my drawer, and I started reading Allotted Views.

The story is about a young woman who lives in a little house in England. It’s like a residence of houses, and every house has a garden. She loves gardening, but she has little time to do it. One night, she hears weird noises coming from the garden, and as she looks outside, she sees this gorgeous man, masturbating in the cold night air, and spreading his sperm over the vegetables. Then a little routine of watching this man and masturbating by the window develops and, of course, more things happen, but I won’t spoil it for you.

At first, I thought the whole gardening thing was a bit weird, but it is so well written and so original, that you become completely emerged into the story, and you’re absolutely dying to watch read about the two having sex. It’s like nothing I had ever watched, no porn film had every given me this sensation of hunger, voyeurism and pleasure.

The words would resonate in my head and strangely had a pretty strong effect on my brain, as images and sensations began to fill my body, real sensations, as strong (maybe even stronger) than when watching porn.

Besides, the great thing about SweetMeats Press, is that they don’t do things by halves. With the paperback version of the books (not the ebooks, but I was lucky enough to get a peek), with the story come illustrations. There are indeed a few drawings, not too many as to spoil your imagination, but certainly enough to give you a visual your brain and body were dying for.

The story is part of the Immoral Views anthology, I encourage you to check it out, it’s incredibly stimulating! You can also buy it from Amazon. Remember, the ebook versions don’t have illustrations, only the paperbacks!

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