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Illustrated by - John LaChatte

Erotic illustration by John LaChatteErotic illustration by John LaChatte
Illustrated erotic literature - Named and Shamed

Named and Shamed

A dark and dirty illustrated erotic fairy tale!!

Once upon a time, a naughty girl called Tansy stole a very precious manuscript from a kindly antiquarian. But all of the world's ancient and powerful magic, lost for centuries, has returned and now there is much more at stake than a few sheets of parchment!

Thus begins a rude and rugged fairytale the likes of which you NEVER read when you were little! Poor Tansy is led though the most pleasurable trials and the most shameful tribulations as her quest unfolds before her. Orgasmic joy and abject humiliation are laid upon Tansy in equal measure as she straddles the two worlds of magic and man.

isbn - 978-0-9570037-8-1

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Prologue - Tarnished Gold

Janine Ashbless

“You appear to be in distress,” said the thing that looked like a man, but wasn’t even human. “May I help?” Despite my fear, I forced myself to say, “It’s very kind of you to offer.” If there’s one rule about dealing with Them There that comes close to being universally true, it’s Be Polite. They hate rudeness.

“But no, thank you,” I added.

“What’s your trouble?”

“Really, thank you, but it’s not -”

“Are you looking for something?” He glanced over my shoulder, through the gate I’d been kicking.

“My car’s in there . . . My, um, carriage.”

His eyes narrowed. “I know what a car is.”


“You were crying. What is so important that it makes you weep?”

He just wasn’t taking No for an answer. I shouldn’t be having this conversation — but I couldn’t refuse to talk. So I said, reluctantly, “It got locked up by mistake. If I don’t get it back this evening . . .” I clenched my jaw. “There’s something inside it that I need back, tonight, or a friend of mine will be in terrible trouble.”

“Then let me retrieve the thing for you.”

“I’m not asking for help.”

“But I am offering.”

I bit my lip. This was awful. I didn’t want to even start negotiating with this creature. But if I didn’t, a man could die. Really die. They didn’t mess around, that sort. And it’d be my fault.

What choice did I have?

“You’d want something in exchange, I suppose?” I asked.

“Of course. But nothing you’d be unwilling to give.”

What was this I was getting myself into, I wondered — some sort of messed up version of The Princess and the Frog? Was he going to fetch my golden ball from the bottom of the well in exchange for my promise to marry him? As if in sympathy, my voice came out croaky.


“Eight warm inches of your flesh, my sweet. Wrapped around eight inches of mine.”

Not exactly marriage then. But consummation, anyway.

“I see.”

“You look perturbed. Is it an offence to desire such beauty as yours? I promise you will enjoy it, and that I will not hurt you ... unless that is your pleasure too.”

“Let’s get this straight. One fuck, yes?”

“Yes. Exactly.”

I was wrong though. This story wasn’t The Princess and the Frog. In that story the proud princess calls the shots and it’s the frog who endures all the humiliation and pain. I didn’t know it then, but this was an altogether different tale. If only I’d realised.

Chapter Eight

Janine Ashbless

That’s what the men saw when they burst through the orchard gate: the three of us stark naked, trapped and bound and despoiled. Gail was stretched out on her back, her tits barely visible between the coils wrapped around her chest, her pussy impaled by something resembling an anaconda. I didn’t even get that much dignity. My ass was in the air, my legs wide apart, and I was suffering a full-on double penetration. Vince was held with his toes off the floor, like a chrome hood ornament, his spine bent like a bow and a tentacle rummaging around in his back passage. I don’t know if he’d ever taken it up the rear before, but his eyes were wide and there were little explosive grunts bursting out of his throat — uh-uh-uh-uh. His cock stuck out from his torso at full erection, a whip-thin tendril wrapped tight around it, stroking and milking it with rhythmic squeezes.

I reckon that was the sight that stopped the men of the Bour Tree coming any closer.

To be honest, I barely registered that we had an audience, I was so busy wrestling with my orgasm. I came first, of course. I was already fired up before the ravishing started, and I screamed as I climaxed, half in release and half in terror. But from the sounds Gail was making, she was on her way too. I tossed my head, my hair flailing in my eyes. As I blinked myself back into lucidity my gaze fell on the puffball I’d kicked through the grass. Its empty sockets stared up at me.

It wasn’t a fungus at all. It was a skull. Human. The implications fought their way through my mind even as the relentless plunging between my legs caused my body to gather toward another orgasm.

“Awwwwahhhhh . . . !” cried Vince, and I looked up in time to see him ejaculate heavily, white spurts arcing from his cock and splashing onto the writhing grey ropes.

Would it be quick or slow? I wondered. Would they hold us here, fucking us, until we died of exhaustion? Or kill us swiftly, and feed off our bodies just as eagerly?

A tentacle coiled up around Vince’s straining throat.

Quick, I thought, dazed.

“Tansy!” he yelled, his voice already strangled. “Do something!”

I had no idea what to do. I’d never heard of any Good Neighbour like this. But as a slick tongue of living tendril lapped at my face, searching out any orifice to penetrate, my blurred gaze finally registered the blobs of white flowers on the elder scrub.

And I remembered that somebody owed me.

“Bour Tree!” I screamed. “Elder Lady! You gave me a wish! Save us! Save-”

Then the tentacle spilled in over my lips and silenced me. I couldn’t stop cumming even then. That thick member filled my throat like a cock, and though it cut off my airway its touch was pure bliss. I was still cumming as I blacked out.
I’ve just finished reading the most amazing book that has graced my e-book reader in a long time. Named and Shamed by Janine Ashbless is a fairytale filled with the most decadent acts of, debauchery, lust and erotica. The female character finds herself stuck between two worlds, human and magical, searching for the answer she need to release herself from a curse.

The book is superbly written, the storyline is captivating on more than one level and the presentation of the book is unique with its included illustrations, by John LaChatte. I did wonder whether the inclusion of sketches would be distracting but found that, if anything, they added to my reading pleasure by providing a visual link to the scenes unfolding before me. There were no noticeable editing errors which sometimes occur in e-book formats and the story was pacey and drew me in from beginning to end...

( Read the rest...

Warning: This is the hottest book you will read this year.

Seriously. I am still in shock.

A colourful blend of the worlds of fantasy, myth, folklore and a dash of reality, Janine Ashbless uses all the powers of her astonishing imagination to bring you the most debauched tale of sorcery and depravity you’re ever likely to read. I really didn’t have any clue what I was in for when the lovely people at Sweetmeats Press sent me Named and Shamed to read and review. Yes ok, the cover states Warning! Exxxplicit Content – with the triple X of ‘twoo porn’. Yada yada. Doesn’t normally mean that much, does it...

(Cara Sutra, Best UK Sex Blog 2012) Read the rest...

Janine Ashbless’s Named and Shamed is an original erotic fairy tale, set in a richly drawn fantasy world which parallels our contemporary time. The story is interwoven with mythological influences, excerpts from Christina Rossetti’s poem “Goblin Market,” and allusions to many different traditional fairytales and folktales. Janine Ashbless combines all of this and more with a light touch. Excellent writing, a wonderful narrative voice, great characters, and a strong plot move this naughty tale forward into another realm.

Named and Shamed immediately draws the reader in with the narrative voice of Tansy – a six-foot tall redhead who has found herself under a curse and an insatiable need for cock. There is no other way to put it, really, as Tansy would tell you herself. Tansy is a brilliant character, reminiscent of both the tarot’s fool and the archetypal hero. She sets upon a quest to free herself from the curse, taking the reader on a journey into a world of fierce eroticism and unapologetic sexuality, which confronts sexual deviance and kink, shatters taboos and boundaries, and ultimately frees and liberates...

(Michelle Augello-Page at Oyters & Chocolate) Read the rest...

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Named and Shamed which I was so looking forward to reading as this was my first footsteps into the world of fantasy erotica and I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't know how fairies and goblins were going to work with an erotic book; can it really be done and made believable and most of all can it really be sexy? Plus It is also my first book I have read from Janine...but oh my what an incredible read... I chose the paperback as its is scattered with brilliant erotic illustrations from John LaChatte, it is even printed on excellent quality paper and you even feel like you are holding a more luxury book; making this reading experience even better.

I started reading this at 8am this morning and its now 1.30am I seriously couldn't put this book down. It is a dark erotic depraved fairytale like nothing you have ever read or can conceive...

(Midnight Boudoir, Sex Blogger) Read the rest...

Well Holy Fuck……!

If you are looking for a book to completely saturate your smutty mind then can I suggest that you look no further. WARNING>>> If you are looking for a lovely cosy romance though, this probably isn’t your bag, at all! Looking for an incredible BDSM buster… then this is certainly the novel for you!...

(Miss Lily, Sex Blogger) Read the rest...

...It’s not just the sex that is racy. The plot flies along at a cracking pace. If this is your bed-time read, be warned. You may find yourself too excited to sleep.

Nor will the pictures soothe your imagination. They are explicit, outrageous and inappropriate in the most appropriate of ways.

All in all, then, this is a highly charged tour de force from one of erotica’s most fantastically imaginative minds. Janine ventures fearlessly into the darkest forests of folklore and dishes up a feast of disquieting delicacies. The things I have mentioned offer the merest hints of the kind of shocks that lie in store. There is a rich range of horrors here and acts that would make an ettin quail.

(Vanessa Wu, Sex Blogger) Read the rest...