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  • Erotic literature - Diary of a Library Nerd

    An Erotic Diary of One Woman's Metamorphosis

    Drenched is a wet and wild collection of five erotic tales! From Mediterranean pools to cool mountain lakes, each water-themed story is drenched in lust!

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    Paperback Coming Soon
    Ebook £3.50

    Written by - Janine Ashbless, Justine Elyot, Primula Bond, Lisette Ashton, Vina Green

  • Erotic literature - Diary of a Library Nerd
    Diary of a Library Nerd

    An Erotic Diary of One Woman's Metamorphosis

    Diary of a Library Nerd is a work of realistic fiction, written and illustrated as a sexy, personal real-life diary.

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    Paperback £9.99
    Ebook £2.74

    Written by - Kyoko Church

    Illustrated by - Vanity Chase

New eBook Releases

  • A Divine Solution

    In the midst of the worst drought in decades, a young wife bursts the dam of her desire and, in doing so, discovers that she might just save her whole community...

    Written by - Vina Green

    Buy Ebook £1.39
  • Melusine

    Every Friday for ten years, Martin’s beautiful wife has left their home to spend the night somewhere else. Now, Martin can bear it no longer, and he is out to uncover the mind-blowing truth…no matter what the cost.

    Written by - Janine Ashbless

    Buy Ebook £1.39
  • Pool Party

    In the hills of southern France, an empty villa and luxurious pool provide two friends with unforeseen temptations...

    Written by - Primula Bond

    Buy Ebook £1.39
  • Naiad

    Told in the style of a modern myth, Naiad is a wet and wild tale of an urban nymph returning to her element.

    Written by - Justine Elyot

    Buy Ebook £1.39
  • Hard to Swallow

    A radio station's ambitious receptionist is enthralled by the voluptuous bottles of mineral water carried by all the DJs. There’s nothing like cool water for a dry throat, but it takes more than water to quench a burning lust!

    Written by - Lisette Ashton

    Buy Ebook £1.39

Erotic Novels and Anthologies

  • Annabeth Leong reads from Made for Hire

    While house-sitting, a young woman finds herself falling in love with the homeowner. So she sets out on a campaign to make herself an indispensable part of his home…and his life.

    Safekeeping by - Annabeth Leong

    Buy Ebook - £1.39

Coming in 2014

  • Erotic literature - UntouchedUntouched
    Author: Annabeth Leong
    Illustrator: N/A

    Celia Lambent has an unusual and divisive condition - she cannot bear to be touched. And yet, her sexual appetite is voracious. As she embarks on a very unusual relationship with a new (and very patient) lover, a journey of voyeurism and discovery unrolls before her as she tries to identify the cause (and cure) of her condition.

  • 30 Days of Romance - An Illustrated Guide30 Days of Romance - An Illustrated Guide
    Author: Various
    Illustrator: Pataniska

    A fun and frisky treat for couples, with 30 days of romantic inspiration to tease, please and share! Each day is playfully and skillfully illustrated by the wonderfully talented Pataniska.

  • Erotic literature - Fierce EnchantmentsFierce Enchantments
    Author: Janine Ashbless
    Illustrator: N/A

    Fierce Enchantments is a collection of ten short stories full of fantasy, magic and lust. Against the darkest and most perilous backgrounds, the blaze of desire burns even brighter. Erotica at its fiercest and most breathtaking! This book is part of Janine Ashbless' Enchantment collection, which includes Cruel Enchantment and Dark Enchantment.

  • Erotic literature - Maid ServiceMaid Service
    Author: Peter Birch
    Illustrator: Giorgio Verona

    A young man's privileged and private British education gives rise to a lifetime's obsession with spanking and kink! Maid Service is Risky Business meets Austin Powers!

  • Erotic literature - Untouched
    Annabeth Leong
  • 30 Days of Romance - An Illustrated Guide
    30 Days of Romance - An Illustrated Guide
  • Erotic literature - Fierce Enchantments
    Fierce Enchantments
    Janine Ashbless
  • Erotic literature - Maid Service
    Maid Service
    Peter Birch

Coming in 2015 Spring/Summer

  • Erotic literature - Wanderlust

  • Erotic literature - Athletic Aesthetic
    Athletic Aesthetic

  • Erotic literature - Forbidden Fruit
    Forbidden Fruit

Erotic Audio

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Pick of the Week

Beaches and Cream
Illustrated erotic story - Beaches and Cream

BEACHES & CREAM is the second story the Sun Strokes collection. The warm seas, rolling hills and heady aromas of the coast have a liberating effect on a young woman, and she has a wonderfully rude sexual awakening by an unexpected tutor in BEACHES AND CREAM.

Written by - Kojo Black

Buy Ebook £1.39
Beaches and Cream
Beaches and Cream

Kojo Black

She kissed him again, deeply, and then stepped back. His beautiful cock jutted out proudly from his equally beautiful body. My own breath caught in my throat as I watched it, shamelessly quivering in the wind. Tia knelt before him, almost as though in prayer. Her wide eyes surveyed his as she opened her mouth wider still, and took his gorgeous, grateful penis into her mouth. Their eyes closed in unison—his in gratitude, hers in gratification, both in absolute rapture.

Her pace was sensually deliberate. As though she wanted to savour every pass her lips made over the sensitive organ. Revel in the thick, warm flesh as it met her tongue, her throat, and all the soft, private places inside her mouth. Slowly, she worked her mouth deeper down the shaft, his member growing slick with her saliva.

I watched in rapt perversion. There was no other way to say it. I’d never seen anything so rude and real, and yet so deeply private, as this spectacle before my eyes. My own mouth watered as I empathetically savoured the glorious piece in Tia’s mouth. I could practically taste the salty pre-cum that she had been teasing from him ever since they’d entered the cellar. I looked down for a moment to find one of my hands wrapped tight around the neck of the champagne bottle, as though willing it to turn into a plump, pulsing, vigorous penis for my very own.

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